a decade of first-hand experience...

After trying to get control of my drinking for over a decade, I finally found a solution. I applied a mental model known as First Principles Thinking on alcohol and stopping drinking became like a flick of a switch. One day I was a drinker, the next day I had complete control.

After moving to Thailand, I set up Soberclear, where we help business-owners and professionals get control of their drinking by using First Principles Thinking.

Most of my time is spent helping my clients, or posting videos over on my YouTube channel. In addition to YouTube, I also publish regular episodes on the Stop Drinking Podcast by Soberclear.

Leon Sylvester


To create the most revolutionary quit drinking programs in the world, and ensure that it gets into the hands of those that need it through compelling marketing and business operations.


To be the world’s most successful and effective alcohol program in the world, empowering problem drinkers to put down alcohol and achieve their dreams.